“Home Sweet Hardwood” is both a gut-wrenching and uplifting journey through the growing pains of women’s sports, written by one of its most determined pioneers.”
Jackie “Mac” McMullen NBA columnist for ESPN

“Pat was truly a pioneer paving the way for numerous young girls wanting to have an opportunity to excel in sports. She set the bar high when she was competing and now Pat maintains the same high standards by educating, coaching and mentoring students on a daily basis.
Shirley Egner, Women’s Basketball Coach University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, NCAA Champion 2001-02, Final Four 2003-04

“Pat McKinzie-Lechault is a living legacy—the granddaughter of a legendary coach, Eureka College’s Ralph McKinzie, and the protégé of one of women’s basketball’s pioneers, Illinois State’s Jill Hutchison. Her writing style brings the picture to the reader as she ‘pays forward’ her gratitude for an amazing life where, truly, her home was the hardwood.”
Tom Lamonica, Sports information director, Illinois State University (1980-2006)

“… is more than basketball, although the descriptions of the game are breathtaking. It’s a story of a young girl’s frustration with trying to mature outside the proscribed and, at the time, narrow strictures of femininity, but still wanting to be a girl.”
Lynne Spreen, author Dakota Blues

“…certain to have a profound impact, not only on women of all ages, but upon anyone who has ever aspired to overcome all odds for something or someone that they love.”
Bil Howard Readers Favorite 5-Star Review

“… a story about gender discrimination, despondency, perseverance, expatriation, emotional distress, physical injury and tremendous loss. But McKinzie triumphs through sheer perseverance and, ultimately, it’s her personal growth that you have to admire.”
Belinda Nicoll, author Out of Sync

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