Version 3I love food!

Once I realized this, I decided that I needed to be able to influence what I would be eating. Is there a better way to achieve this goal than to do it yourself?

Over the years, I tried recipes and little by little adapted them to develop my own way of cooking stuff.
Of course, there will always be some cooking ayatollahs who will say “this is not the right way” or “this is not THE true recipe”.

Guess what? It does not matter to me as the only thing I care about is that I like my meals and even more than my guests enjoy eating what I fix.

Because eating should not be a solitary pleasure. There is nothing more enjoyable than a good meal, with good wine, savored in the company of good friends and/or family. You might just want to add some good music in the background and that will be it!

For over 30 years I just spent a few weeks in the States each year but, as I retired in November 2015, I am now able to spend more time – actually 3 months periods. And this allows me to explore. Why explore? Because one cannot make good cooking without good products, and mainstream US grocery stores, well … do not really deliver what is needed.

But, thanks mainly to our kids who live in the US, I could discover other sources of supply.

There is Lunds & Beyerlys and Trader Joes in the cities, but also Cotsco, which surprisingly for me is an inexhaustible source of quality supply. We also discovered Trigs in Wisconsin, which has a fantastic organic section and can even find specific meat when you order it!

When you put some local open markets on top of this, you can almost find the same variety than in most European countries.

So now, when using certain ingredients in my recipes, I will refer to those suppliers, which you can certainly either find near you or replace by the local equivalent.

All the recipes that I will explain can be found in cookbooks or online. One is not talking about high cuisine but only what we call “family cooking”; things that everyone can do in any kitchen; no need for fancy equipment or exotic ingredients that one would only use once. Those that I will describe have been tested in the US, and adapted to what can be found, as well as to the measurements and to the Fahrenheit temperatures.


One last thing: cooking is a living art. It must not stay frozen in time. So please try, experiment, make my recipes evolve and then share your experience with everybody.

Expect about one recipe every month or so !