Happy Mother’s Day Honoring Our Best Work Force

moth's day-8You trained hard for the position. You endured nine months with a fat belly and aching back and read every child development book ever written. You accepted labor pains without complaint. When a 7-pound baby landed in your life, you dropped everything to accommodate the needs of that squealing, precious bundle of joy.

You washed, sterilized, and heated formula bottles until you felt like you had turned into a milk machine. You pushed a stroller  dozens of miles. You dressed your little one hundreds of times. You changed thousands of soggy, stinky diapers. Resentful? Never. Grateful? Forever. Praise the Lord for modern conveniences like disposable diapers.

You debated the pacifier dilemma, gave in and bought a dozen.

You made mistakes. You left clean laundry in the washer until it got moldy. You misplaced a bottle under the bed until it turned green. You left the faucet running, the phone off the hook and the refrigerator door open. You did all the “don’ts.” You shouted, you screamed, you kicked, you cried. Behind closed doors you had your own meltdowns. But still carried on.

You reprimanded yourself incessantly. Yet you coped. You learned to live with eighteen years of constant interruption. When your child got hungry, you put down your pen. When your child grew bored, you put down your book. When your child got hurt, you dropped everything and rushed to the ER. Again.

You bravely boarded trains, planes, buses and metros with your squealing, wiggling, live piece of luggage.


You worked long hours, including weekends, and were always on call. You never got paid, nor praised. Yet you shared your child’s first smile, first words, first steps.

You became a maid, nurse, nanny, cook, chauffeur, counselor, coach, activity director, teacher … And number one detective finding favorite shoes, socks, T-shirts, and misplaced homework, books, and toys.

You felt indispensable, overworked, underpaid, unappreciated and forever grateful for your job.

Each morning as your tasks accumulated, you looked at your own mother with renewed admiration, thinking she was the greatest.

Every night when you finished chores, your child looked at you with same adoration, at least until the trying, moth's dayteens.

You felt proud knowing that one day your children would raise their own kids. And you could retire with the honorable status of grandma.

Though your work often goes unrecognized today, the world will be grateful tomorrow.

You created the link between the past and the future.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Welcome to the world’s most important work force.

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  1. Pat this makes me almost cry. So beautiful. And your LBD picture; what a gorgeous woman you are! I don’t remember my own young-motherhood so much as young-grandmotherhood. The challenge and delight of “raising” little ones, which Bill and I “earned” from babysitting for 3 years. It was a fabulous way to remind us of the sweetness of parenting little guys. Happy Mother’s Day, Sis. XOXO.

    • There is no so thing as perfect parent. Being a good mom is enough and we grow on together, learning every step of the way. Happy Mother’s Day and thanks for stopping by.

  2. Ahhhh. You said it all, and said it beautifully. It’s the most important job in the world and despite the mistakes and fears and tough times, the most rewarding. Happy Mother’s Day, Pat!

  3. Sweet and so tender, just like a cupcake 🙂 I loved this Pat, and your photos are gorgeous! I see your cheeky kids’ faces and remember them running around La Chat pool like it was yesterday. I still have a few more years of raising mine, and they are gorgeous and a pain all at the same time… But what would my life be like without them? Unthinkable… and so very dull! Hugs and love to you dear loving ‘mom’ (as you say) xxx

    • Thanks Rach. Just like a cupcake…love that image. Motherhood is filled with ups and downs but what overrides all is joy and awe. Wish we lived closer so I could see your beautiful daughters grow up, but so glad we can keep connected via social media. xxx

  4. Oh my, Pat,this is beautiful and tugged at every heart string I have. Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day! Your photos are wonderful.

    • Happy Mother’s Day to Super Mom. If I look good it is probably because I am 10-15 years younger and I was actually wearing make up for a change.

  5. Aw, Pat, this is just beautiful!! And I so love your photo slideshow, every picture a memory! Did you step on Legos in the middle of the night? Did you ever tell your little ones, Shh for just a minute so mommy’s ears can rest? Did you cajole them to eat their veggies? Ah, the joys of motherhood — and NONE of us would trade a single minute, not even those icky diapers!! Hope your day is glorious!

    • Yes, yes, and yes I can relate to all your memories of child raising. At the time, we thought we would never endure the terrible twos or trying teens, but in retrospect we realize we realize that those were those were the precious Wonder Years.

  6. Loved this blog & the photos that captured such sweet memories. So glad you could share this special day with Nat this year. Happy Mother’s Day, my beautiful sister.

    • Thanks sis for helping raise all our kids – from nieces to nephews, to step and grand kids, to challenged and troubled high school teens. You found a gift in each of them and because of that they grew up believing in that they could succeed.

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