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First Time Voting

Even though Biden was officially announced the 46th President of the United States, I remain suspended in space. The free floating anxiety I have felt since Covid outbreak last March lingers because Trump refuses to concede.

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Visiting France’s Occitanie Region

Living in Switzerland, all of Europe beckons from our backdoor, but any travel with my bad back remains challenging. So for our vacation, we narrowed our choice to a short (by American standards) four and half hour drive to discover Occitanie Region, a gem in south central France.

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Covid Fallout- Will We Ever See Our Kids Again?

As Covid rises around the globe, and holiday plans are derailed again, we wonder when we will be reunited with loved ones, but for expats living abroad the pain of separation is magnified by distance. I ache to be with my family so much it feels like a limb is missing.

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Long Road To Recovery

Recovery from illness, injury or accidents can be derailed by hopeless so keeping a positive attitude is imperative.

After brain surgery and 6 weeks in the hospital, my focus was on leaving as soon as possible. When Gerald drove me home, I hung my head out the window and howled with joy. But getting out of the hospital was only the beginning of a long journey.

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About Pat

Home Sweet Hardwood

I am X-Pat, a feisty globetrotter. Teacher, writer, coach, speaker, and trailblazer with the down-to-earth, open-armed persona of The Heartland and a European twist. I have lived in four different countries, speak three languages and raised two bi-cultural kids with one très bon Frenchman. My passion is inspiring courage, breaking barriers, and creating connections.

Down and out? Hopeless and helpless? No matter where you are in your journey, my stories can help pick up your spirits, make transitions, gain new perspectives or just escape the daily grind. I encourage people to fight back when life throws a hard punch.

If you deny a woman’s history, you erase her identity. I reveal the athlete’s untold story, from the passage of Title IX through forty years of social change. What makes it different from other sport biographies is the voice of a woman who walks the talk, who dribbled the ball and tells the story.

So what? Who cares? Anyone coaching an athlete. Anyone playing ball. Anyone loving a game. Anyone raising a daughter.  Anyone chasing a dream.

This is the book I longed to read when I was I coming of age. It is a tribute to my mother, my sisters, my coaches, my players and teammates, and all those who fought before me and along side me, so that today no female ever questions her right to be “all that she can be.” It speaks for the silent pioneers of the past and salutes our highflying daughters of today.

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