25 Ways to Know If You Are A Cabin Person

You love to be on water, in water, underwater, treasuring the silky, smooth, feeling of cool velvet on your skin.

You can tolerate inconveniences. The toilet may back up, electricity may go off and bugs will bite for sure. But you roll with it.

You enjoy passing on traditions – first hike, first bike ride, first ghost walk, first snipe hunt, first fishing trip, first swim and first ski.

You find bliss simply lying on the dock watching the clouds drift by.

You hate mice, mosquitoes and flies as much as anybody, but you tolerate them for the chance to live as close to nature as possible without having to sleep in a tent.

You don’t mind sharing.

You love to read curled up with a good book in front of the lake, the woods and the fireplace.

You think daydreaming is a fine art.

You believe boats were made for towing skiers, catching fish, or circling the lake slowly admiring sights, not for speed racing.

You know that drunken boaters on a lake are as dangerous as intoxicated drivers on the road.

You can fall asleep on lumpy beds and doze off in those old aluminum, webbed lawn chairs.

You think everything tastes better grilled and eaten off a paper plate.

Your heart still skips a beat every time you spot an eagle soaring over the lake, a white tailed fawn leaping through the forest, or the rare glimpse of a bear lumbering across your front yard.

You appreciate everything wild – wild flowers, wild animals, wild berries and wild fishing fibs.

You can make a campfire better than a Boy Scout.

The wind in the trees sounds like music to your ears.

You can survive without Internet.

You know that tiny ticks hiding in tall grasses are more dangerous than big black bears in trees, but go outside anyway properly protected.

You can live quite happily in swimsuits and flip-flops.

You enjoy reminiscing in front of a fire.

You think playing word games with neighbors is perfect entertainment.

You still enjoy self-propelled water travel – kayaking, stand up paddling, canoeing, sailing, and swimming.

You love biking, hiking, walking, talking and eating.

You cherish family.

You can watch a sunset melt like orange lava behind the treeline and feel overwhelmed with gratitude for another day in paradise.

Thanks Dad for building, care taking and sharing our little red cottage. Because of you, generations of families and friends learned to love cabin life.

Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. Your entire family will cherish the memories of all the generations and cousins and good times up at the lake in that little red cabin!

    • We sure do and will continue to do so as family and friendships expand. I have many happy memories of the summer days we shared at the lake. Do you still remember the time that you almost fell through floor when we were exploring an abandoned house?

  2. Oh, Pat, you have nailed the cabin experience and connected me to my own sweet memories of our family cottage in the Finger Lakes (Keuka). We enjoyed the cottage for fifteen years but the memories are as vivid as ever. The best part was that my father who made it all happen for us was able to enjoy it too before he died in 2010. Thank you for sharing your lovely family tradition and beautiful photos.

    • Oh Kathy, I visited the Finger Lakes once and I still remember how beautiful that area is. I bet you miss you cottage, but know that you miss your beloved dad even more.

  3. Beautiful reflection and photos Pat. Thanks for inviting me into your cabin clan world. I think I, too, would tolerate the bugs for a chance to contemplate the clouds and live in a swimsuit ???? xxx

  4. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful post! Pat, this is in your top 5. Such good writing and great photos. Thanks for writing it, even if it makes me miss our family’s camping trips and my dad even more.

    • Thanks Lynne. I hope that the happy memories of camping with your dad help ease the sadness of missing him. I am so grateful for the cabin, a place to slow down, reconnect and savor family time.

  5. Cabins are cool if someone else makes the fire. Mosquitos love me so that’s a problem too. I love being in a beautiful place, though and on the water. Maybe I’m a cabin person for short periods of time. Wait! No Internet? I may have to think about it.

    • Not everyone loves the northwoods, but I bet you have your own special place where you can nurture the bonds of family without having to endure the mosquito bites.

  6. Yes, despite the mosquitos’ infinite delight in ravaging my skin, I consider myself a cabin person!! One of my favorite parts is sleeping on and waking up to the sunshine streaming in on the porch! Love that your family shares your little piece of paradise with folks like me!

    • Oh yes, the porch is the best sleeping spot in the house. It allows you to feel like you are sleeping outside without all the discomfort of hard ground and a tent. I know you have added your own special touch to the place with flowers and flags. So glad that you have shared so many special years with Sue. Thanks so much for following and sharing your thoughts.

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