A Fond Farewell to Summer

On a steamy night in Chicago at the end of August, a symphony of crickets and katydids announce summer’s end.  In a blink the hazy, lazy barefoot days of summer are over. Gone are morning sleep-ins, afternoon swims and evening backyard barbeques. School started with its frenzy of class lists, timetable changes, book buying, shoe tying and out-the-door-flying.

And I am back in the land of cheese and chocolate.  From my back patio as the last rays of Indian summer sunshine shimmer over the white-peaked hood of Mt. Blanc, the end of the season melancholy hits me.

So how about a non-toxic, calorie-free pick me up? Nobody blasts away the blues better than the American saxophonist Grover Washington Jr’s window-shaking, horn blowing.  R.I.P. Grover, your music lives on.

Thank you to the father of the smooth jazz genre for lifting up our spirits with the sounds of seventies. For a bit of nostalgia, kick back to a time when it was safe for children to play in the street after dusk, when neighbors helped raise all the kids in the hood and « drive by » was no more harmful than a McDonald’s lunch run.

TGIF from Switzerland!

Sending sunshine in a song!

Summer Song from the album Live at the Bijou (1977)

« Sing that Summer Song,
soon it will gone,
get that fever now,
come we’ll show you how,
sing it in the street »
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  1. Pat,Oh, how I hate to see Summer leave but I’m loving these cool,crisp Fall days. Our maple tree outside the kitchen window is flashing its brilliant red leaves. As fleeting as Fall is, it is my favorite season. Thanks for your beautiful post which says it all,along with the song. Enjoy! 🙂

  2. It WAS necessary to travel to another continent to have a summer this year, yes. Fortunately I had my share of it in July (by the way. my weblog may come online again soon now, in case you were wondering where it went; a migration project of the blog hostservice went completely out of hand, which is why it has been offline for more than 3 weeks now)

    • Yes Laurent, if you have the time and money (ha) you can always find summer somewhere on the planet. I keep checking to see if your blog is up and running…looking forward to following.

  3. Living in Southern California I won’t have to worry about Fall for another month or so. And then you only know it’s here because of the smell of smoke in the air. Wildfires, not sweet little piles of leaves. Wildfires, driven by the Santa Ana winds. Dry hurricanes they are. California: It’s a whole nother country.

  4. We actually had to turn the heat on this week! I’m hoping the fall colors in suburban Chicago last through October 15 for Matt’s wedding!

    • So my sis said, first time ever that they had the airconditioning and furnace running on the same day. It turned rainy and cold here probably because I forwarded all our sunshine to Chicago for Matt’s wedding!

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