A New Holiday Song to Lighten the Heart

As the holiday frenzy escalates, and we scurry around gift buying, package wrapping, card writing, and cookie baking, I harbor a secret vice to help keep my sanity.   I listen to Christmas music behind closed doors. Why on the sly? Because ironically my bah humbug French husband, a businessman, hates anything commercialized. Consequently I have to curtail my childlike enthusiasm for Christmas, to birthdays to Halloween to a minimum.

But you can bet your booty, as soon as my husband steps out the door, I let the sleigh bells ring, flutes trill, trumpets blare and drums pa rum pum pum pum. I never tire of the old favorites like Silent Night, my grandfather’s favorite, or Oh Tannenbaum and Il Est Né Le Divin Enfant, which remind me of Christmas pasts in Germany and France. The music evokes memories of childhood, family and friends, warm hearths and open hearts.

Though I love the classics, it is always inspiring to add new melodies to the season’s mix.  With the holiday magic of modern times, this Christmas gift arrived via Internet from my blogging buddy in Chicago aka The Self-Righteous Housewife http://theselfrighteoushousewife.blogspot.com/.  Thanks Judy for sharing your friend’s, Christmas Tide’s Coming Soon by Daniel Fergus and Andrew Lidgus with Kelly Longmire at vocal.

This piece, too beautiful to keep secret, was surely composed to go global.  Even the Frenchman gave it the thumbs up!




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  1. Patty,
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful Christmas song, so lovely. I tweeted it. You are right ,too beautiful not to share! BTW, I despise the commercialism too but you have helped me to recapture my own sweet Christmas memories. I think I’ll turn on some Christmas tunes and finish decorating 🙂

  2. sis,
    really sweet song! thanks for sharing! I am sure those oldies but goodies trigger those warm memories like decorating all those sugar cookies Mom used to make, opening up our “gift wrapping center” in M and D’s bedroom, stealing a tree bulb without getting caught and lighting candles at church while singing Silent Night. So glad you and Gege still want to come home for the holidays! Te amo!

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