French Chef Comes to Your Kitchen

Version 2I met my Frenchman after losing in the semi finals of the European basketball championship, so I was in no mood for romance. But that clever man persuaded my teammates to drag me to his dinner party, and I’ll be darned if I didn’t fall in love at first bite. I still remember that meal a fondue bourguignonne.

On our first date, he invited me to dinner and served poulet aux pommes, a baked chicken with apples sauteed in fresh cream, a specialty from his Normandy region. I had never seen a chicken served whole let alone known a man who would cook one. So that pretty much sealed the deal, although it took me another year or so to make up my mind.

Since then, try as I might to pick up pointers in the art of cooking, me in the kitchen is like a bull in a china shop. I lack that French je ne sais quoi when it comes to timing, textures and flavors. I threw in the towel long ago and forfeited command of the kitchen. Why try to compete with ze French when it comes to cooking?

Gérald’s culinary expertise developed early on. He won his first cooking contest as a boy creating his omelet supreme over an open fire, no less, using the only ingredients available to scouts – eggs, potatoes, milk, salt, and pepper.

For decades, I have been spoiled by his vast repertoire of specialties. Our weekly fare varies from sole to trout, duck to quail, rabbit to lamb prepared in a variety of taste tantalizing ways. I could make a small fortune by renting out his services.

I am so spoiled; he cooks up a storm on a daily basis. Oh no, not burgers and dogs, but gourmet meals with hard to pronounce names like blanquette de dinde, agneau de 7 heures, and lapin en gibelotte as well as simple fare like salmon grilled in olive oil and herbs, sausage and lentils, beef and a carrot gratin.               .

But I have good news for you. I decided to share. In addition to my usual gamut of fav topics, we will “serve” food. Stay tuned as we share not only cross-cultural living, but also favorite French and European recipes.

Bon appetit!

And Happy Halloween.

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  1. My mouth is watering, Pat! Looks like you struck it rich with this Frenchman. Yes, you are spoiled but you are worth it. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your cross-cultural living and those recipes. Bon Appetite!

  2. There are not many men out there who cook so well in my experience! Luckily I found a wonderful ‘cooking man’ a few years ago, after years of a dinner desert. Cooking every day for a partner and kids year in year out is not very inspiring. There have been many days when I have wanted to take that dinner pill that you said you would invent! ???? xx

    • Oh Rachel now that I am retired I really am going to invent that dinner pill, but don’t tell the Frenchman. He’d be horrified for the greatest pleasure in eating.

  3. Pat, you and your Frenchman both struck the gold mine … only in different ways! Of course, when we grow up with fathers who avoided the kitchen like the plague, we’re just not accustomed to men cooking. But tune in to Food Network on TV, and you’ll realize it’s a different world nowadays. Men DO cook, and often cook well (and they enjoy it, so why shouldn’t we?!) I’ll look forward to seeing your recipes, my friend.

    • Do you like to cook, Debbie? Any favorite family recipes? Can Domer cook? In France all the greatest chefs are male. Both my son and daughter have picked up culinary skills from Gerald.

  4. This is a great addition to your blog, Pat, and I can attest to the fact that Gerald’s cuisine is excellent. We’ve enjoyed countless meals where one of G’s delicious entrees was at the center of the table. Hope people see your link at the bottom of this blog so they can check out Gerald’s own written piece and his first posted recipe.

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