Happy 60th Birthday Baby Sis Little Miss Me Too

Happy 60th Birthday to my almost-born-on-leap-year baby sister Little Miss Me Too. The last in line in a family of 4 siblings born 5 years apart, Mom always said, “Karen raised herself.”
“She tagged along with the big kids and figured things out on her own.”
Born 3 years apart almost to the day, we celebrated birthdays together growing up. In our younger years, I made sure she never fell off the dock or crossed the street without looking both ways. In later years, she looked out for me by driving me to doctor appointments and hanging out with me in a dark room on bad days.
Karen was born cute from the tip of her perfect toes to her gorgeous toothpaste commercial smile.
Athletic, energetic, outgoing, to an outsider she made life look easy. She starred on her state championship basketball team, made friends with everybody she met and always saw the bright side of things.
But she worked hard.

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She reinvented herself midlife, returning to college to earn a master’s degree in education while working as a recreational therapist and raising family.
She’s never shied away from a challenge. Even today she courageously continues teaching kindergartners — pulling off 23 little pairs of boots 4 months of the year — in the snow belt of Minnesota.
An adored aunt, treasured wife, loving daughter, revered mother, cherished sister, she collects people as easily as others collect stamps. Church friends, high school friends, work friends, neighbor friends, family friends. Everybody loves Karen and her jovial partner in life Dick. She’s energetic, upbeat, easy-going and down right fun to be with on any occasion.
She raised 2 beautiful daughters, but also became a Mamá Dos to her niece and nephew who moved 4000 miles away from home in Switzerland to attend university in the Twin Cities.
My little sis and I shared a love of sports. She passed me the ball on the basketball court and long after my playing days were over, she took me to my first WNBA game. When I could no longer run, she ran for me completing her first half triathlon at 50something.
She works hard, but plays harder and never passes up an opportunity to celebrate life.
Her friends call her Care Bear, but to me she will always be The Babe, my beloved little sister, blessing my life the past 60 years.

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  1. This is so lovely! And all true. What a blessing. Karen is a treasure, and we know it runs in the family!!

  2. The Babe! You said it all in this one Pat!! Love, love, love it! Love you too!

  3. Beautiful! I’m so glad the stars were aligned, Karen moved to Omaha and met my brother Dick! As my sis, Patty said…she is a treasure and so is her birth family!

    • As you well know, Amy, chasing the little ones keeps you young at heart and in spirit, but not in the back and knees.

  4. Birthday blessings to Karen as she joins the 60s crew! Keep smiling and doing good things for the world! ????

    • Thanks Sheila. You sure haven’t slowed your pace any since joining the crew and I am sure Kar will be the same.

    • Thanks Kathy. Did you and Paula remain close over the years in spite of the age difference?

  5. Aw, this is so sweet — hope your sis had a wonderful birthday, with an exciting, lovely year to come! So darling how y’all helped each other in the past, and probably still are, right?!

    • Thanks Debbie. Yes, we continue to help each other even though we no longer share the same roof.

  6. What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful sister. Happy Birthday Karen. Welcome to the 60s.

    • Thanks Tina. And all of us in this 60’s club should take lessons from you on how to live life at the fullest every day.

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