Minne-SNOW-tans’ Winter Survival Tips

J&LWear fur lined Grumpy Old Man hats with ear flaps down.

Get a dog to warm up the end of the bed.

Wear plaid, panel lined jeans.

Tuck hand warmers in mittens.

Eat soup.

Carry a corn sack –fill a flannel bag with field corn, microwave 2 minutes, take it to go.

Melt frozen pipes with a hair dryer (actually recommended by my brother-in-law’s plumber friend and it worked like a charm for the Carlsons!)

Embrace the season. Bundle up and play outside!IMG_3200_copy

Take up ice fishing. After freezing your fanny on a frozen lake, home feels like  a sauna.

Read a book –curl up under a duvet and read a good book. You’ll become so engrossed in the story, you won’t notice the weather outside.

Stoke up the fire. Warm your tootsies, melt you heart, and mellow out while flame gazing. Enjoy the show.

Kizzie 2Wear boots! Heavy, lined, and laced up! Off you go!

Sip a hot drink –cocoa, cappuccino, apple cider, flavored tea, Glühwein, hot toddy, Irish coffee, grog, Wassail, whatever as long as it is hot, hot, hot.

Layers. Layers. Layers. Start with undies, the ultimate chill chaser Cuddle duds !IMG_3216_copy

Savor a steaming hot wholesome meal. Go for those extra calories. Winter is no time to diet.

Celebrate! Set out The Red Plate and engage in the time honored custom of our ancestors. American pioneer families acknowledged when friends and loved ones deserved praise or special attention by serving them on the red plate.

Hug a lot. Laugh a little. Love each day.IMG_3889_copy

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  1. Pat, we can use all these great ideas during our current deep-freeze in eastern NY. My favorite-“winter is no time to diet.” 🙂

    • I think the winds are blowing those icy temperatures our way, so I will have to take my own advice. Kathy, good thing you have such a warm heart to keep the chill away.

  2. Ha! I just sent this to Janneke who could probably add a few tips about how to keep training for a marathon in the midst of all this weather. Her main problem – wet, sweaty hair freezing!

  3. Great tips, Pat. It’s just frustrating that winter has been so LONG and so BRUTAL this year. The snows keep coming, the cold just won’t end, and The Weather Channel delights in naming a new winter storm every couple of days — and having something to talk about! That poor doggie looks as sad as Dallas when I put his booties on, ha!

    • I had to turn off the TV when I was in the States because listening to those weather people go on and on about the wind chill factor made me colder. The forlorn looking dog belongs to my sister’s family. How long does it take to get Dallas bundled up for those winter walks?

  4. I am so-so-so glad I don’t have use ANY of this advice. My DH and I lived in Colorado for about 6 years and that was about the most cold I ever wanted to be! Instead our temps right now are hovering between the low 70s to the low 80s. Of course the price for that is 110+ in the summer months but that’s when we visit places like you describe in this post and it’s awesome. Thanks for reminding me why I made the choice I did! ~Kathy

    • Kathy, no wonder your email address is @ SMART Living. No wonder they call retirees in the Midwest, snowbirds. They all fly south or west at the first sign of Jack Frost.

  5. As I read your post, the snow is falling heavily … again. This winter had been tough. But when life gives you a blizzard, make snowballs, right? Love your positive attitude, Pat!

    • Ooohhh, heavy snow…lovely…another great excuse to crawl back in bed with a good book. Actually, we never get such extreme temperatures over here, so it is easier for me to remain positive and offer advice to the folks back in the homeland.

  6. Hi Pat, We are looking at a couple more school days cancelled because of below zero temperatures- this will be 4 so far this year. I don’t remember that ever happening before!

    • The Grumpy Old Man hat my cheerful ol’dad is wearing is actually mine. Are you having freezing temperature there too? Hannah has me hook on McDermotte’s Blue Jays!

  7. Thanks Sis! Great Tips with Humor…I might just need these kind of blogs to get thru the next 2 months of winter…..its been a rough already (What is that book called….A Five dog night?……we have had plenty of those nights the past 6 weeks!) Te amo and hugs right back at YOU! 🙂

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