Woo hoo,school in Switzerland is out for the summer

I am flying back to the Midwest. Keep your fingers I make it, that my flight will not be cancelled due to storms, mechanical problems, air traffic controller strikes, missed connecting flights, terrorist threats, security breeches, or passenger rage.

The moment my feet hit the tarmac I will begin a book promotional tour. I’ll be telling spinning yarns, swapping jokes, and kicking back with the folks at home.

Here is my itinerary.

  • Sterling (Illinois) Library Monday July 1 – 6:00 p.m.
  • Kiwanis Club breakfast  -Ryberg Auditorium CGH Tuesday July 2 – 6:45 a.m.
  • Rotary Club – YWCA downtown Sterling Tuesday July 2 -12:00 noon
  • Book Signing Northland Hills Mall July 3 -9:30 a.m.
  • Friday evening, July 5,  I’ll be crashing SHS Class of 1978 Reunion at the Precinct Downtown as my little sister’s date!
  • In July, I am heading to the Senior National Games in Cleveland as a guest of National Senior Women’s Basketball Association (July 25-29).

In between speaking gigs, I will be escaping to Wisconsin.

If anyone is in these areas at the above dates, c’mon down. Would love to see you!

Hope to see you soon.

As we say in France, a bientôt!

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  1. Have a great time, Pat!!!! Enjoy, family and friends and all the new friends you will make along the way!

  2. Enjoy every moment of your whirlwind tour, Pat! How I wish I could be at one of your events. I’ll be cheering you on from afar 🙂 And I’m thrilled your school year is over for the summer. Safe travels and have a great time in those Wisconsin woods! xo

  3. Hi Pat! Wish I was closer I would love to come! Your link to Sterling Library takes me to Yale University’s Sterling Library. If that’s where you’ll be, I’m there! I’m only 10 minute away! LOL

    • Hi Bonnie,
      I just now figured out what your email said. Oh me and my techie woes! Oh yeah, that will be the day that I am speaking at the YALE university library. Can I reach you at your homeplace blogger?

  4. And don’t forget volcanic ash being spewed as another reason for flight delays!!! Have a great time on your tour. You go girl! We will be so glad to see you at the wedding. Hope you won’t be exhausted by then! Safe travels all around.

  5. Enjoy your summer Pat! You deserve the long La Chat break after all your literary achievements this year… I do miss my summer hols as they are pretty short in higher ed. Whilst I was en Suisse the time was so needed and welcomed; a chance to relax, reconnect with family, get fit again, travel, and just BE. Hugs and happiness to you this summer. Love Rach xx

  6. And I was going to say “Relax and enjoy your vac!” but, you’ll be promoting your great work and enjoying every moment:) Great times and rest during those in-between times. You deserve peace, and stillness after the chaos.


  7. Ah, Pat, much much success on your book tour! Wish I could join you, but I’m up to my ears getting my son relocated. I know it will be good for you to soak up some of that good ole Midwest reality again now that school’s officially out for the summer. Have fun!

    • Not for awhile…heading to northern Illinois and Wisconsin and then to Cleveland, but I will let you know if I get back to the Windy City before flying back home.

  8. I LOVE our link to Wisconsin. ! Who knew? I signed up to attend that Sterling Library Book talk! I’ll see you there!!

  9. Hi Pat, Enjoy that beautiful Summit Lake as I did Memorial Day. Loved your book! Read it as I crossed New Mexico on my way home from Grand Canyon. You are such an inspiration. I gave the book to my 2 nieces who were both part of the Freeport Aquin Central Catholic High School Bulldogs back to back STATE CHAMPIONS IN 2012 & 2013. They were excited about reading it! Job well done. Your sis Sue is such a dear friend, but you already know how special she is. Enjoy your time at HOME. Dave

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