Chiropractors Keep Me Dancing

With the trauma my back has endured, I should be in wheelchair or limping around with a walker, but chiropractors keep me dancing. Forty years ago, when my right leg went numb from my first herniated lumbar disk, a chiropractor saved me from surgery.

Today chiropractic care is recognized as an integral part of the American health system, but back then it was controversial. Doctors were often referred to as quacks.

Historic caged elevator

But after my first visit, I was sold. Chiropractic looks at the body holistically and emphasizes the patients’ role in recovery by promoting exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

I have been chiro chasing around the globe ever since. Though the treatments may be similar, the settings are not and each chiropractor’s office reflects the unique personality of the practitioner.

In Geneva, I ride a creaky, caged elevator to the 3rd floor of an 18th century building to see Dr. G., a film fanatic. Posters of famous movie scenes cover his walls and his waiting room has an authentic jukebox. While I wait, I boogie down to old hits like Donna Summer’s “Bad Girls,” C’est Chic’s “Le Freak,” and Rose Royce’s “Car Wash.”

My chiro in Eagle River, Dr. D works out of his state of the art stone edifice with cathedral ceilings and gold plated fixtures nestled at the edge of the woods. While enjoying complimentary coffee and cookies from his dad’s bakery you may see deer outside the windows of the waiting room. After an adjustment, chill out literally as you ice down sore spots in comfortable recliners or recharge injured

Chillin with dad at Dr. D’s

body parts with electronic muscle stimulation.

My latest great find, Dr. A, has a family practice in Minnetonka. I thought that meant that he treats families, which he does including babies for free, but it may also mean his family is part of the therapy. His baby and pets accompany him to the office.

His place is like an amusement park. While waiting, you can play pass the baby and pet the dog. No sitting around bored waiting on back breaking straight chairs. Before a treatment, enjoy a free massage on a roller bed or take wild ride on a whoopee seat.

Ever so cheerful, Dr. A sings while he works on you. After my last adjustment, I asked what I should do to help it hold, he said, “Go home. Relax. Put your feet up. Drink a G & T.”

I laughed so hard I rolled off the table.

Convivial. Holistic. Optimistic. Chiropractors are lifesavers.

They make everyone believe – You should be dancing!


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  1. I’m so glad you have found relief through chiropractic. Anything that can keep us dancing is a good thing!

  2. I remember that caged elevator! 🙂 You really do have global chiropractors at your beck and call. I have a great osteopath in the UK whom I see when I go back too. Not found one so good here in Albury yet. But I am a great believer in realigning our bones to enable us to keep on dancing! Lots of love from your dancing feet friend xx

    • I can’t believe you remember the caged elevator. I think the whole department must have been there at one time or another. You were probably the one that recommended him to me when I first arrived in Switzerland. You taught me so much about aerobics, stretching and dancing….all those good things that have helped keep the spine aligned as must as possible. You will be happy to know I am still dancing to your beat long distance.xx

  3. Pat, I’m a BIG believer in the power of chiropractors, too (and the one I go to is a lifesaver!). No way do I want to go under the knife for my back problems when he’s able to make adjustments and send me home with exercises that, done “religiously,” make me feel human again! Hang in there, my friend (and keep the ice handy!)

    • I have heard too many horror stories of surgeries gone wrong, so I will stick with the old stand by walking, stretching, icing and when things get too rough a nice little tune up by the chiropractor.

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