It Only Takes One Bite

I don’t have a regular post this week, but I have been working on an issue that weighs heavy on my heart and is important for everyone.


I am happy it landed on the Star Tribune Opinion page. (Minneapolis- St. Paul)


Please read it here:

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  1. Pat, I had no idea you were suffering from Lyme. I’m so sorry! I’ve heard that can be frightening, agonizing, and certainly long-lasting. You’ve done a good service here in getting to the meat of the matter. I always try to watch out for these critters, and I do my best to keep Monk out of tall grass. He’s protected by medication, but I’m on my own. Who knows what other evils climate change is unleashing on our world?

    • Thanks Deb. So sorry it took so long to respond. I had major website woes again. I never talked about Lyme before, but since so many people are suffering in silence, I felt I had to speak up. It has been tough, but I have learned to live with it, although still on meds, and as always I am determined to keep fighting. You and Monkey be sure be sure to tick check regularly, the tick invasion is moving southward. I think they have come up with something to prevent tick bites on dogs, and “hopefully” are working on a vaccine to protect humans. I only hate to imagine what other evils are lurking out there due to global warming.

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