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Kathy Pooler

Kathy Pooler


I am honored to feature fellow writer and Dan Blank’s Build Your Author Platform course classmate, Kathleen Pooler as a guest blogger this week. She writes about how faith and hope,  family and friends helped her stay on the course in her battle against cancer.  She is inspirational.

Staying in the Race


On a picture-perfect sunny, blazing October morning in Eastern New York State, along the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers, I had the thrill of following my daughter, Leigh Ann, as she ran her first marathon. Grandsons, Jacob,5 and Ethan,4, played a key role in this effort as they held up their homemade “Go Mommy Go and “You Can Do It” posters. When she reached the finish line four hours and nineteen minutes later, Jacob and Ethan joined her in crossing over. Her message on Facebook was “a great support system can get one through what once seemed impossible.”

My marathon was a diagnosis of Stage Four Non Hodgkin Lymphoma on Christmas Eve, 1996. After dealing with the shock of the diagnosis, I had to learn how to be a patient, handing in my stethoscope for a hospital gown and two years of intense chemotherapy, radiation and a stem cell transplant. I was in training for the battle of my life and for my life. I cried, I prayed, I let my family and friends rub my feet and make me meals, I raged until one day, I just yelled at God,

“You are the great Miracle-maker so make me a miracle. Heal me so I can dance at my daughter’s wedding and hug my grand-kids. Let me see my son find his way. Give me hope for better days.”

Then before my stem cell transplant, I sat down to write a list of positive visualizations~ attending  my friend’s wedding, traveling to Missouri and Wisconsin to visit friends, dancing at my niece’s wedding with hair and going back to work as a nurse practitioner.

And every single wish came true.

Dealing with illness is every bit like a marathon. In the midst of a diagnosis, whether it be an acute condition like cancer or a chronic condition like an autoimmune disorder, health seems like an impossible dream, an amazing feat.

Illness requires the ongoing support of medical professionals, family and friends. One has to learn how to be a patient, to listen to the medical experts while still maintaining a semblance of independence and normalcy. There are many hurdles and setbacks along the way. When a runner “hits a wall”, she is told to keep working past it much like a person with a diagnosis needs to keep working past the hurdles and setbacks of medication side effects or disease exacerbation’s. In a marathon, each participant competes against herself, striving for her own personal best. A person with a diagnosis needs to dig deeply within herself to find her own inner strength to fight the battle. Both runners and people with illnesses have to pace themselves so they can last in the long haul.

I have been in remission since 1998.

For me, the power of hope through my faith in God helped me to stay in the race and cross the finish line.

How do you stay in the race?


Kathleen Pooler is a Family Nurse Practitioner and writer from eastern New York State, at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. She lives on a 135-acre farm where her husband, Wayne, grows organic vegetables and sells them at local farmer’s markets. She is a very grateful cancer survivor who is writing a memoir about how the power of hope through her faith in God helped her to climb out of the abyss of her life’s challenges~ divorce, single parenting, alcoholic son, cancer and heart failure~ to find a life of peace and joy. She believes that hope matters and that we are all enriched when we share our stories of hope.

You may visit Kathy at her blog: Write On~Random Thoughts About Writing and Life from a Memoir Writer

Twitter: @kathypooler

Facebook: Kathleen Pooler

LinkedIn: Kathleen Pooler



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  1. Hi Pat! Thank you for bringing this inspiring post to us from Kathleen!

    Thanks Kathleen for your empowering voice for hope, trust and survival! I will visit your blog very soon:)

    Peaace & blessing to you both…


  2. As a 10-year cancer survivor, I can really relate to this article. Thank you both for sharing it!

    • Dear Carol,
      I appreciate your comments. Congratulations on 10 years! Life is truly so precious, made even more so when one has come face-to-face with a cancer diagnosis. I wish you many more years of godd health, one precious day at a time. Hope matters!

  3. Dear Carol,
    I appreciate your comments. Congratulations on 10 years! Life is truly so precious, made even more so when one has come face-to-face with a cancer diagnosis. Wishign you many more years of good health~one precious day at a time.
    Hope matters!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your uplifting story…even though we have yet to meet I feel like I have known you my whole life.

  5. Sista and Kathleen, Thanks for sharing your inspiring life journey and supporting my amazing sister Pat! Congrats and keep celebrating your recovery from cancer! You are a blessing to more people than you know Kathleen!I am lifting you and my sister in prayer!

    • Wow, another Hope Sister!:-) Yes, Pat is amazing and I feel we were meant to meet. Together,we will sustain our hope. Thank you for your kind words and prayers. Let’s all lift each other up in prayer!

  6. Thank you, Pat, for introducing us to your fellow blogger, new friend and cancer survivor, Kathleen, and to you, Kathleen, for sharing your wonderful story of hope and
    resiliency. What a remarkable journey you have had.
    Please continue to share your message of hope. I am certain you are inspiring others with your words just like my sister is.

    • Thank you Sue for your words of encouragement. I think we all benefit when we share our hope. I’m so thrilled to have found such an inspiring friend in your sister~you might say we’re Hope Sisters 🙂

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