Happy Mother’s Day – Honoring all kinds of moms any day of the year

Moms come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. There are biological moms, adoptive moms, teacher moms, coach moms, mentor moms even Mr. Moms.

Women, like my sister, born with an extra kindness gene, guide special needs kids through high school and spoil nieces, nephews and grandkids with perfect gifts and favorite baked goods.  Others like my roomie, who still looks after us today, became a surrogate Mom to a “family” of friends in college.  Some moms like mine, embrace each day with the joy of a kindergartener and invent fun, like painting sidewalks with water, reading books by candlelight and sewing matching outfits for grandkids.

4 generations Olson & McKinzie

4 generations Olson & McKinzie

Moms put Band-Aids on skinned knees, make cookies for bake sales, send cards to shut ins, and give pep talks via iPhone and internet.  They remember anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations, and never miss ball games, band performances and school plays.  They also play catch, rebound basketballs and run marathons. Moms are the first to take the sting out of life’s hurts and the last to criticize mistakes. Moms, first up and the last to bed, stay up late, work overtime without pay and never go on strike.  They put their own lives on hold to jump-start someone else’s.  Moms keep the world spinning in a zillions small ways that we overlook everyday.

We think of moms’ most in May. Over fifty countries honor moms on the second Sunday of May. Others, such as England celebrate Mother’s Day on the first Sunday of the month. France and francophone countries, celebrate it the last Sunday of May.  Elsewhere the tradition is commemorated during eight different months of the year. In Norway, moms are honored on February 11th. The Thai celebrate August 12th, Queen Sirikit Kitiyakara’s birthday. In Indonesia, it’s on Dec 22.

Since I live cross culturally, I milk mom’s day for all its worth and celebrate several times a year. I gave birth to two children, but helped raised dozens of others on the teams I coached and in the classrooms where I taught. I always stop to remember the children who’s lives I touched and to honor the women who guided me over the years especially the moms who are no longer with us.

Traditions, like Mothers’ Days are nice reminders, but there is no right way or day to honor special women in our lives.  Whether you are sending chocolates, giving flowers, or wrapping gifts in October, May or August, any day is a good day to show appreciation for the moms in our lives.

Give a shout out to the moms in your world!  0ld moms, young moms, grand moms, friend moms, sister moms, teacher moms, team moms.

“Hey Mom, merci, gracias, danke!  I love you.”

How do you honor the moms in your life?






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  1. Pat,
    You bring so much to life in your posts! I love learning about the different cultural traditions.Moms are universally loved and you have conveyed so many rich details to ponder. I have been blessed with a wonderful Mother so your words ring true.Thank you for this beautiful tribute. You have put my feelings into words.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  2. Thank you Pat for reminding us of the meaning of moms on this Sunday in the USA and around the Nation when in celebration of their specific “Mother’s Day”!

    Here’s to you, another special mom:)


  3. Sista!
    A Great reminder of how different Moms can look all over the world! I am forever grateful for our Mom Lenore as well as all the influential women we have had in our lives! I am equally grateful I have had the opportunity to be “Mama dos” to your incredible children! Thank you for sharing! Happy Mom’s day right back at you! I love you ooooodles!

  4. I am so very fortunate to have two mom’s in my life. My biological mom who I have grown so much closer too through the years an dloves me fiercly. I have your mom who has been in my life since I was 14 years old. She took me in as family, loved me and guided me through the years who made me who I am today. I had no intention of going to college and your mom me believed in me enough to convince me that I could accomplish the dream I thought was out of reach.

    Mom’s are a gift reminding us that we will always have a best friend…

  5. I’m waiting to celebrate Mother’s Day until the French day which is the 29th. That way I’ll be able to actually be with my mom on the day the celebrates a woman to whom I owe so much. I can’t wait to hug her in person. Thanks Pat and Happy Mother’s Day to you as well.

  6. Pat, thanks for the beautiful reminder that we can all be special “mothers” to others through our actions no matter whose child we are reaching out to. And Happy Mothers Day to you…an extraordinary Mom herself.

  7. That kind teacher sister of yours is indeed a “mother” to many and one of the sweetest women I have been blessed to call “friend.”

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