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I have been to dozens of doctors for a lifetime of injuries and ailments, but there are certain ones I never forget. Chiropractors saved me from surgery back in July 1979 during my first hospitalization for a herniated lumbar disk L4, L5. I ran from the knife and saw my first chiro, who help me rehabilitate in time to play in the first women’s professional league that fall. I have been addicted ever since. Long gone are the days that chiropractors were called quacks, now most insurance companies recognize them.

I drove hundreds of miles between different states and countries in pursuit of competent doctors because a good chiro was worth his weight in gold. When I lived in Germany, there were no chiropractors, so I would return to Paris. For a decade when living in France, I took the metro to see Dr. Tanqueray at the Trocadero. In Switzerland, my husband drives me to Geneva for the early bird special at 7 am. which means no waiting. I ride the old caged elevator up to the 3rd floor to Dr. Girod’s office on Rue Voltaire.

But my favorite chiropractor of all times is Dr. Draeger in Eagle River, my summer time muscle and bone spine caretaker in Wisconsin.

Chiro in the woods

Chiro in the woods

Tall and wiry, I have always been difficult to adjust, but Dr. D can pop me back in place every time.  I have witnessed chiros work miracles. After my son was born in Paris, I was so dizzy I couldn’t stand up right. I saw my chiro and after a neck adjustment, I was back on track. I have lurched into my doc’s office, limping from low back pain, looking like the leaning tower of Pisa and walked out standing tall like the Eiffel Tower.

Anytime I have any back or joint pain, I go to the chiro first. Chiropractic medicine emphasizes the self and advocates exercise, a healthy diet, and a balanced lifestyle.

After my sister underwent a battery of tests for a “heart” problem, Dr. D adjusted her dislocated rib with a manipulation that his brother, also a chiropractor, devised and her chest pain disappeared. Dr. D also adjusted my son’s dislocated wrists. My dad swears by him.

Dr. D has the extra special touch. He welcomes you like a long-lost friend, every time you step into his office. How many doctors do you know who give you hugs and make cabin calls? In the summer, if he drives by route 45, he will swing off the highway on the back road, winding around the lake, and ring your doorbell. He will drag his portable table out of the trunk and click-clack treat the entire family. For free!

Under chiropractic care, I recovered from athletic injuries, bike crashes, car accidents, and the trauma of giving birth. They have helped me recoup from flying soccer balls, hitting walls, and bad falls.

With the assistance of skilled chiropractors, I have healed from 3 whiplashes, 2 child births, and one too many re-locations. I recovered from herniated lumber disks, compressed dorsal vertebrae and pinched nerves and the bone crushing wear and tear incurred over hundreds of thousands of miles of road trips and air travel between states and across continents.

If I am still upright, it is because of chiros! Thanks to chiropractors for keeping me mobile, especially to my favorite magic hands, Dr. Dave.

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  1. Hi Pat, I’m also a fan of chiropractic medicine as well as deep tissue massages. Often time my stress caused pinched nerve pain, and sciatica is immediately “cured” by an hour long massage.

  2. Pat! I too have suffered from L4l5 herniated discs for the last 10 yrs. after a bad fall. I also fractured my pelvis. I too swear by my chiropractor! I couldn’t get by without my once a month adjustment. I recently started restorative yoga which seems to be makeing a big difference too! Glad you are still “walking tall!”

    • Oh Marilyn, so sorry you also have that awful L4/L5 disc problem. You are going to have to tell me more about the restorative yoga…I have never heard of that…sounds like it might be just right for me.

  3. I swear by them too. I had my babies adjusted right out of the chute! I was under the care of a new chiro while in the states to work on a neck injury. He specializes in the Atlas bone. I’m maintaining and feel great. Back at the gym…no more neck pain. The problem is, the closest guy who specializes in this sort of thing is in Germany!

    • Oh Delana…you sound like me. My son couldn’t turn his head easily after the delivery, so he had gentle chiropractic treatments while lying on my belly. I can’t believe that you can’t find someone closer than Germany to help you with your neck pain.

  4. Hi Pat, I know from my nurse practitioner practice how much people swear by chiropractors. I agree, they have earned a legitimate place on the medical treatment team. Any time natural methods can eliminate the need for medications and surgery , it’s a good thing. I’m so happy you found Dr Dave and that he has helped you through your multiple injuries–with a smile and a hug!

  5. Great stuff! Say ‘bonjour’ to Dr. Girod for me! Good to know he is still going strong… he ‘saved’ Tony and me many a time from our respective sporting aches and pains… love Rach xx

  6. I’ve never been to a chiropractor, but you’ve spoken so highly of them (and I know so many people who’ve been greatly healed by them) that it doesn’t seem mysterious or strange to consult one. You’re fortunate to find a healer who can make you feel better when you’re down and hurting!

    • Debbie, you must have been blessed with one fine spine. I hope you never have to suffer from back pain, but if you ever do, you’ll know where to go to get help.

  7. I’m still afraid I’ll die after seeing Dr. Dave adjust grandpa. Thought he was going to kill him! I’ll just keep cracking my own back for now. 🙂

    • Oh Hannah, believe it or not that cracking sound is music to my ears. Hopefully you will never suffer from back pain, but if you ever do, Dr. D works miracle.

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