• I am not going to get sick. No sore throat, flu, sniffles.
  • Not going to moan about getting older, even on my birthday.
  • Or groan about going to work, when fortunate to have a job.
  • Complain about cleaning a house that I am lucky enough to co own. (along with the bank)
  • Get organized. Realistically my number one resolution for past decades…ain’t gonna happen.
  • Make eggnog (have never made eggnog)
  • Write another book…The Frenchman would kill me!
  • I am definitely not joining a health club to keep fit since studies show health club joiners drop out within three weeks.

According to experts most resolutions fail within the month. They recommend that for the greatest chance of success make only one resolution and stick to it. Which brings me back to my number one goal, stay healthy, cause if you are in good health you can handle all the rest of the crap life throws at you.

During my break, I flew to Chicago and shopped til I dropped my first day back. On day 2, I woke up with a sore throat that morphed into a sinus infection. But I was not going to let illness interfere with my holiday, so we headed north to the cabin in Wisconsin. Ten days later, my brain still felt like marshmallow, my teeth ached, my nose burned, and my lungs constricted. No way could I get back on a plane for a nine-hour flight with my head full of muck, so I went to Urgent Care.

I was not alone.

Apparently a lot of people were sick for the holidays. My sister went to her in-laws Christmas Eve and everyone at the gathering came down with the stomach flu within 24 hours. The local Target store ran out of saltine crackers and 7Up.

I muddled through the festivities with my throat on fire, my nose full of green gunk and a swollen brain, which technically can’t happen according to my daughter.  As soon as I walked into Urgent Care in Antigo, they told me to put on a mask; the flu had reached epidemic proportions.

I was impressed with the efficiency. I was identified, labeled, tagged, tested and released within an hour. The doctor called in my prescription to the druggist of my choice, to be picked up at the nearest Walgreens. There the pharmacist told me the antibiotic would cost $200, so she kindly suggested that the doctor order a less expensive one – $25 for the 14-day prescription.

Good news, I did NOT have the A or B influenza, which a lab test of a nose swab showed within minutes. But for me the bad news was that I did not have influenza, which has a beginning and end. I had a flare up of my autoimmune illness with a viral or bacterial bug thrown in for good measure. So on my 1-year antibiotic free anniversary, I was back to battle again.

Hence, my number one New Year’s Resolution – I am not going to get sick.

My wish for you in 2013! Good health. Santé!

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